So I'm not exactly a huge fan of custom UIs, bloatware, and the like, but even I've got to admit that this new version of HTC's Sense UI looks pretty nice.

According to Android Spin, an Android blog which just got done loading the HTC Desire HD ROM (a very similar ROM will also run on the Desire Z) on an HD2, this new ROM will contain several new features such as the previously announced, much more in-depth customization options, a new HTC Likes app, HTC Hub, and even an eReader app!



Apparently, the new Sense includes a new feature called "Skins" which allows users to choose from amongst five skins that change up widgets, the status bar, and the launcher (the two skins seen above are, from left to right, the "Metal" skin and the "Woodgrain" skin. What's more, users will also be able to put together their own skin, which is definitely a feature we here at Android Police look forward to checking out.


Additionally, it appears the new Sense will improve on the existing Sense's Leap feature by allowing you to move around the homescreens simply by dragging the previews of them around to place them just where you want them.

As you can see in the first of those two screenshots above, HTC's latest skin prompts you to enter info for an account on their new cloud service, Since we've already covered this new cloud platform before, there isn't really much more to say here other than that the service appears to be free, and offers all the features we were already expecting, like:

  • Backing up your phone online
  • Find your phone via the service's "Phone Locator" feature if you lose it
  • Forwarding of calls and texts

New HTC Apps

The new Sense also includes three new apps:


  • HTC Hub, which allows users to download more skins for further customization (seen above in the screenshot on the right)
  • An HTC eReader app, which should be self-explanatory but which apparently doesn't open E-Books yet (seen above in the screenshot on the left)
  • HTC Likes, an app focused on finding other apps that HTC recommends (it appears that users will be able to like apps themselves as well) (seen below in the screenshot on the left; screenshot on the right contains the status bar, which now displays your recently used apps)



Again, Android Spin tested this on an HD2. The ROM can also be installed on the original Motorola Milestone (the Droid's European cousin). Although the XDA-developers link where the ROM was originally posted has since been taken down, the version of the ROM that Android Spin used (aka the version that has been modified to run on the HD2) can be found here, and the version designed for installation on a Motorola Milestone can be downloaded from this link. Enjoy!

Source: Android Spin