Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a giveaway featuring not one, but ten cases from these 2 quality manufacturers: Gizmo Dorks and Amzer! They are:

  • 2x for the Droid Incredible
  • 2x for the EVO 4G
  • 2x for the Droid X
  • 2x for the Droid 2
  • 2x for the original Droid

Each Amzer case is worth about $13 on average, while the Gizmo Dorks is usually $10 but currently on sale for $3.

First, however, we have a brief review of each, which I am proud to present to you, in full overdramatic armor, in the following sections.

The winners have been selected - see the "Giveaway" section below to find out if you're one of them!


The (Very Brief) Reviews

For The Droid Incredible


Our two cases for the HTC Droid Incredible are both offered courtesy of our friends over at Gizmo Dorks and are both made of advanced materials, the blue one out of thermoplastic polyurethane and the black one out of tried and true silicone skin. If I had to choose, I'd go with the good ol' silicone case, but then again, both cover the device and protect it quite well.

For the EVO 4G


Fear not, for if your day-to-day device is the Incredible's big brother, the HTC EVO 4G, then we might just have something for you as well. This time, the silicone purple case is from Gizmo Dorks and its rubberized black brother is from Amzer. Both cases protect the device from every day wear-and-tear, though the styling on the Amzer case blows the Gizmo Dorks competitor out of the water.

For the Droid X


As with its Sprint-bound and HTC-made cousin, the EVO, the cases we have for the Motorola Droid X have been sent in from both Amzer and Gizmo Dorks, with the former company once again providing the rubberized black case and the latter providing a green counterpart. As usual, both are excellent options, though the Amzer case takes the cake here, if only by a hair.

For the Droid 2


Sure, the R2-D2 edition isn't out yet, and therefore, we have only the creepy red eye to sooth our live wallpaper hunger, but if you've already jumped ship and bought one of the regular models with the boring old blue back, here are two cases to soothe your anger. The one on the left is made of leather, is relatively easy to take on and off, and is sold by Amzer, while the one on the right is sold by Gizmo Dorks and serves its purpose (protecting the device from harm), but doesn't add any frills. Needless to say, I'd go for Amzer's case.

For the Droid


If you've got the original Droid, there's something in it for you as well. It turns out the case on the left is made of hybrid silicone skin jelly and is (kind of) transparent, while its brethren on the right is fully transparent and is "crystal hard." Honestly, picking between these two would be harder than picking between an Epic 4G and an EVO 4G, especially since both are sold by Amzer. Luckily, we'll make that all-important decision for you...if you're one of the winners.

The Giveaway

And now what you probably came here for: the giveaway. Again, we have one copy of each of the cases we reviewed above available to give away.

And the winners are:
  1. Eugene Graves - Droid 2
  2. Sasha Chhabra - Droid 2
  3. Adam Pober - Droid Incredible
  4. Adam Litke - Droid Incredible
  5. Rob Rowald - Droid X
  6. Robert Schumann - Droid X
  7. Benjamin Kitt - EVO 4G
  8. Duncan Smith - EVO 4G
  9. Timothy Elliot - Droid
  10. Craig Reed - Droid

How To Win

Entering the contest is really simple - just make sure you complete the steps below.

Step 1

There are 2 parts in this step: complete either one of them to be eligible or both to double your chances of winning.

  • Follow @AndroidPolice on Twitter, then tweet the following message exactly as below:

Entered to win 1 of 10 free cases for DInc, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid or EVO 4G in an @AndroidPolice giveaway: #Android


Step 2

Fill out this form, so that we know how to contact the winners.

Again, Steps 1 and 2 are required to enter.


The contest starts immediately and runs until September 24, 11:59PM PST.

Shipping will be paid by AndroidPolice.

Winners will be announced here and notified via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Good luck, everyone!