The planets have aligned: MeeGo, the latest operating system that will power phones and tablets and which you've probably never heard of, has just collided with Android, a mobile operating system made by... oh, you all know what Android is. Right?

Anyhow, the WeTab, which does indeed run the former of those two operating systems, will also be able to run applications designed for the latter, ie Android! It isn't clear whether this means that it will offer access to the Android Market or merely be able to run Android apps downloaded off the Internet, though the tablet will ship with an app store called the "Meta Store". Sound good? The tablet also offers:

  • An 11.6" capacitive touchscreen
  • Amazing multitasking capabilites (20 or so windows)
  • A $550 -$750 price point.

Oh yeah, and in addition to the aforementioned compatibility with Android apps, the WeTab will also be compatible with Java, Linux, and Adobe Air applications (and, of course, native MeeGo apps as well). The tablet wars are just getting started, folks, so place your bets and buy your stocks now!

Source: jkOnTheRun via DroidDog