Yesterday, HTC announced that the G2 and EVO would be going international under the Desire Z and Desire HD names (respectively). With the help of a tipster, Engadget managed to find the phones listed by UK company and on Retail pricing ranges from £470 for the Desire HD to £430 to £499 for the Desire Z.



Source: Desire Z, Desire HD




Source: Amazon.UK

T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK tweeted that the Desire HD will be free on contract for customers on a £40/month, 2 year contract.


Is the full retail cheap? Nope. But you're getting some awfully nice hardware. It's pretty impressive that T-Mobile UK is dropping the price of the phone to free - that's a significant discount.

One important discrepancy: lists the UK release date as October 11, while Amazon UK lists it as October 18. I'd hazard the guess that Play is correct and Amazon has the wrong date listed, but I suppose only time will tell.

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