There is talk of rooting and ROMs throughout this article. If you aren't familiar with the process or its pros and cons, you can check out our primers here:

Well, SDX didn't waste any time rooting the Epic 4g, so it should be no surprise that they have now gotten a custom recovery running on it. Apparently it wasn't easy but, after much trial and error, the SDX devs finally arrived at this beautiful, beautiful screen:

Picture 21

They were even so kind as to create a one-click, dummy proof method, the hardest part of which is the installation of the Android SDK. After that, the process is all down hill and the recovery is fully functional. Now all we need are so killer ROMs to throw onto the epic to make it the beast we all know it can be. You can get the how-to and everything you'll need over at the Android Central forums.

Source: AndroidCentral