I am live here at the AppNation conference in San Francisco, and after San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom's welcome speech, in which he tried to get a bunch of developers to make apps for the government for free (yeah, riiight), we are looking at a mobile report from Nielsen, called The State Of Mobile Apps.

Nielsen, one of the largest media research companies in the world, compiled a report containing a few interesting metrics, such as:

  • Most Popular Apps
  • Application Discovery Methods
  • Free VS Paid Apps
  • App Billing Preference
  • a few Advertising related stats

You can download and read the full report below, but before you do that, I wanted to highlight one metric that I found the most interesting. Figure 9 below shows a breakdown per mobile OS of people who clicked on an advertisement within an app. Android is leading the pack at 33%, followed by Windows Mobile at 29% and only then iOS at 26%.


If you know any developers who are still in doubt whether Android is a viable platform for making money, have them take a look at these stats. Can't say I'm too surprised, considering how many apps already chose the freemium revenue model on Android instead of going strictly premium.

A few more interesting slides:



Download the full public report here.

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