It’s not uncommon to see the big chains try to get a piece of the smartphone launch action with price reductions by mail-in-rebate. However, the hassle that this process usually entails doesn’t make things all that enticing to customers. Thankfully pre-orders for the G2 aren’t yet open on T-Mobile’s website, so prospective buyers now have the pleasure in knowing they’ll be able to get in instant discount with RadioShack, bringing the price down to $149.99 on a two year contract.


Of course, this is all window-dressing in reality. The real money is made on that brutal 24 month “agreement” you’re signing yourself up for. What I’d like to see is some instant rebates on the retail price. Maybe then you’ll be able to convince me to upgrade from my Nexus One. This message brought to you by Naivety, Wishful Thinking & Co.

Source : RadioShack Twitter