Looks like both Wirefly and Amazon Wireless are up to their old, price-slashing tricks again. This time their sights rested on the brand new Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Wireless.

The Deal

The new $99.99 deal, offered by both sites, is a 50% discount off carrier subsidized price of $199.99.

While the BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) deal offered by Verizon itself technically averages out to about the same price, if you just need 1 Fascinate, Amazon Wireless or Wirefly are the way to go. With no gimmicks, mail in rebates, or TAXES (that's right, neither of the two charge you tax), you can get the Fascinate for about half the green you would part with at a Verizon store.

There are 2 subtle differences:

  • Amazon Wireless offers a free 2-day shipping while Wirefly offers ground
  • Fascinate's price on Amazon Wireless jumps to $149.99 for family lines, while Wirefly's stays the same $99.99


Buy from Amazon for $99.99 + $0 shipping + $0 tax.

Buy from Wirefly for $99.99 + $0 shipping + $0 tax.

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Image 15

Let's see if they'll be able to do that same for our much drooled-over Galaxy Tab, shall we?

Source: Wirefly, Amazon