It's that time of month again: Android's platform distribution numbers are up for the period ending September 1, and things are looking pretty good. Android 2.1 is up to nearly 41.7% of the market, and 2.2 checks in at 28.7% - between the two, 70% of Android phones are running 2.1 or better.


Android 1.5 and 1.6 still measure at a combined 29.5% of all devices. Obviously, any number above 0 isn't good, but as long as the rate is dropping, we'll take it.


In early August, we found some data from Chitika which suggested that fragmentation is worse in iOS than Android. Given the continued consolidation of Android, it's not surprising to see that iOS fragmentation is still substantially worse than that of Android.


Interesting stuff indeed, although the mandatory disclaimer: the Chitika data is a sample, whereas the Android data is from the population.

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[Source: Android Developers, Chitika]