Motorola has, once again, updated its timeline for device upgrades and has changed the expected Android 2.1 update time for the CLIQ, CLIQ XT, and the Backflip to be late Q3 to early Q4 of this year.

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This is supposedly good news, but haven't CLIQ/CLIQ XT/Backflip users already waited long enough? Motorola seems to be throwing salt in customers' wounds by pushing this upgrade back. Not only do the owners of these devices now have to wait longer for an update, but the update they are waiting for has already become antiquated.

While Motorola's flagship devices have been receiving updates all over the place to the CURRENT (2.2) version of Android, and the CLIQ, Backflip, and CLIQ XT aren't really what we would call "flaghship", their users seem to have been abandoned from day one with only hope keeping them warm. A day late and a dollar short, Moto.

Source: Phonearena