To be honest, I had completely forgotten what legos were (probably just a symptom of old age), but those little toy bricks aren't going away anytime soon, especially if structures like the one our tipster just shared with us keep on coming.


Yessir, what we're looking at here is a 15x12-inch replica of the Android logo made entirely out of legos. What's more, the robot was planned entirely through a custom C program. Sound cool? Grayson Wendell, our tipster, the builder of the replica, and the writer of the custom C program, also added in an Android-powered iPhone, just for kicks.


Put frankly, it's a work of genius; from the nerdy (but awesome) method of planning to the careful detail that has been put into the creation of the statue's body, there's only one question left: when can I buy this?

Thanks, Grayson!