One of the most common complaints about the recent builds of CyanogenMod 6 has been that Nexus One owners’ GPS would suddenly take ages to get a fix or wouldn't get a fix at all. The most frequent solution posted has been to change your Mobile Network APN type to “default,supl” to enable A-GPS through your cellular network. However, for some people this still didn’t solve the problem, including myself.

Well, today on the CM forums, user kursed posted a fix that may be the end of many frustrated N1-ers’ woes. The fix involves resetting your location data using GPS Status with your SIM card removed, getting a fix, and then restarting your phone with the SIM inserted and getting a fix again. Suddenly GPS is altogether much quicker.


Back to his globe-skating ways.

Full instructions quoted from kursed’s blog

  • Take your SIM out of the Nexus One
  • Power on the device
  • Turn WiFi on
  • Turn GPS on
  • Open application: GPS Status
  • Go into its Settings menu
  • Click on GPS and Sensors
  • Click Manage A-GPS state
  • Click Reset
  • Click Manage A-GPS state again
  • Click Download
  • Now put your phone on a stable, straight surface in order to enable the phone to get a lock. This time, you’ll see your phone get the lock back way faster than before.

With that done, now it’s time to put your SIM back in and use the network to secure a quick GPS fix as well.

  • Check the APN settings, make sure that your default APN has the following entry in its APN Type: “default,supl” – without the inverted commas
  • Put your SIM back in, and turn the device on
  • Open either Google Maps, or the application GPS Status

This time you should witness a really quick fix at the GPS signal by your phone. And you should not face a lag in getting a fix at the GPS-signal even after a re-boot or in case of moving away from the area

This is a great discovery, and worked great for me, although I did get a notification saying Download would have to wait until I had a data connection (even though I was on WiFi), but it still got a fix after a couple of resets of GPS Status. Thanks, kursed!

Check out his blog at the source link below.

GPS Status is available freely from the Android Market (Ad-Supported): QR code for

I highly suggest you buy the donation version for €1.49:

QR code for

Source: WCCFtech via CyanogenMod Forums