To nobody's surprise, the G2, announced this morning, features a Google Voice widget.

What may be surprising is that there are not one, but two of these widgets: a widget that shows the messages you have in your inbox:

as well as the same widget for managing your Voice settings that was leaked a few weeks ago:

What may be an even bigger surprise is that Google has now made both of these widgets available to non-G2 devices through the Android Market. The widgets are available today via an update to the existing Google Voice app and allow users to:

  • See messages in their inbox (Inbox Widget)
  • Open the full Google Voice app by clicking the Google Voice icon (both widgets)
  • Compose and send text messages (Settings Widget)
  • Change dialing preferences (Settings)
  • Enter "Do Not Disturb" mode to send calls straight to Voicemail (Settings)
  • See credit balance (Settings)

Google Voice has always been a great service (and certainly one that I and other members of the Android Police team use on a daily basis), and it looks like it just got quite a bit better for owners of just about any Android device. Right on, Google!

Source: Google Voice Blog