Hot on the heels of yesterday's live wallpaper leak for the Droid 2 R2-D2 edition, today MyDroidWorld continued the system dump disassembly by releasing 14 static JPG wallpapers that will make any Star Wars fan feel nostalgic (and some maybe teary-eyed).

Non-Star-Wars-fans will find these boring, weird, and psychedelic at times - although, what are you doing with the R2-D2 edition anyway?


You can download these wallpapers as a single zip archive from our mirror: AndroidPolice mirror or hit up individual ones below (right click > Save Link As...).

Install by unpacking and copying the files to your phone, then selecting Menu > Wallpaper > Gallery.

wallpaper_atat1 wallpaper_atat2 wallpaper_bf1 wallpaper_bf2 wallpaper_c3p0 wallpaper_empire wallpaper_esb wallpaper_esb2 wallpaper_esbspace wallpaper_hoth wallpaper_r2d2 wallpaper_rebels wallpaper_starwars wallpaper_yoda 

Source: MyDroidWorld