We've pinged our contact at Adobe for clarification, but this could be some fantastic irony: Adobe has raised the minimum requirements for Flash. Specifically, the minimum CPU requirement for mobile devices with WVGA resolutions has been bumped up to a Cortex A8 running at 800 MHz. With its 550 MHz CPU, the Droid/Milestone no longer meets the minimum.


We're not sure yet if this is retroactive - in other words, will the Droid receive an update that removes Flash support? Or does this only apply to new hardware going forward? Plenty of people still have the device - especially the Milestone in Europe. We have yet to hear back from Adobe for clarification, but once we do, we'll be sure to pass the word on.

The irony here is that Apple and Adobe had a very public spat over Flash, and for quite some time one of the big claims to Android was that it could provide the "full web experience." Still, it's better to go for quality rather than quantity - by raising the minimum, I'd guess they want to make sure that everyone with Flash has a solid experience.


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