It's clear from what other reviewers think as well as the specifications Samsung's released so far that the Galaxy Tab will be the Android tablet to get at the time of its launch (which, mind you, has still not been announced). Unfortunately, there are still a few things that could go wrong, not the least of which is pricing. Today, it would appear that mystery has been debunked by a recent tweet from German carrier O2 as well as the latest round of rumors.

Having a hard time reading that? Here's the English translation: Samsung Galaxy Tab - Yes we can! €27.50 (about $35.25) a month and €99 (about $126.90) deposit - planned launch in early October!

Those are two really nice prices, both monthly and upfront, especially when you take into account the fact that Apple will happily charge you $629 for a 16GB iPad with 3G capabilities, even if O2's monthly price is a bit higher than AT&T's minimum $15 per month (for 200MB worth of data) plan, and even a little pricier than their other iPad plan, which sells for $25 per month (2GB worth of data). Then again, we don't yet know what this plan gets you, so the possibility that it will all end up being a better overall deal than AT&T's plans (unlimited data, anyone?) is still out there.

Things get a bit uglier when you discover the rumored off contract price, which is, supposedly, a heart-stopping €699 (about $895.98) for the 16GB model and an even more discouraging €799 (about $1,024.15) for the 32GB version. Too cheap for you? Take a look at Expansys' offer: £679.99 for the 16GB model!

While all of these off contract prices do seem a bit ridiculous, the good news is that Expansys also claims that the tablet will ship starting Monday, October 11, which is just a little over a month from now. As always, the sooner, the better!

Sources: Tweet From O2,, Expansys via Engadget