Angry Birds, one of the top selling games for the iPhone, hit the Anroid Market this morning.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, promised an off-Market beta earlier this week, but got so much positive response that it decided a Lite Beta version in the Market was actually a much better idea. In fact, the Android launch is turning out to be so popular that Rovio's own servers are are too overloaded to handle all the traffic.


The premise behind the game is simple - you use a sling and launch angry, bickering, round birds at pigs cowardly sitting in their forts. The game is polished so well that it becomes an instant favorite from the first sight.


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Beta Experience + What You Can Do To Help

We have been warned that the game is in beta and therefore may not work on all devices yet. Unfortunately my EVO running Froyo is one of those devices - the game loaded one time but now crashes right after the splash screen. Moving the game from SD back to the phone didn't help.

It seems I'm not alone - it doesn't work for many others:


If Angry Birds is crashing for you, you will need to wait for a fix. In the meantime, however, why not help Rovio figure out what's wrong?

  1. Download aLogCat from the Market and start it.
  2. Fire up Angry Birds and wait for a crash.
  3. Switch back to aLogCat and email the logs to [email protected].
  4. Your good deed for the day is now complete.


Angry Birds Lite Beta is available on the Android Market - download it by scanning the barcode below or, if you're browsing on your phone, just click.

Be warned though - I haven't confirmed it yet but it seems like Rovio set the minimum Android version necessary to run the game as Android 2.2, so you if you have anything lower, you may not see it in the Market at all.

The game weighs in at a whopping 11.5MB, which on Froyo gets offloaded to the SD card. I am thinking this large size was the main reason behind setting that minimum Android version so high. If that is indeed true and there is nothing else preventing Angry Birds from running, then Rovio, tone the min version down - a lot of your fans want to try it out, no matter what the size is.

Update: You *may* be able to sideload the app onto devices < 2.2 Android by using the Appbrain + Fast Web Installer apps from the Market and then installing from the Angry Birds page directly. Report your luck in the comments.
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