Update: Tim Bray responded in our comments letting us know Trevor Johns, a hands-on guy in the Android back-rooms, was the author of the post.
After we blew the faults behind Google's License Verification Library out of the water last week, Google's Tim Bray promised us some tips for protecting our applications against piracy, and in the latest post at Google's official Android blog he delivered them. Tim's article is loaded with easy to follow sample code, and advice that just makes sense. Mr. Bray covers several protection methods including:
  • obfuscation,
  • customizing the Licensing Library,
  • making your application tamper resistant (with a code sample that is nearly identical to what I published a week ago),
  • and using a secondary server for added protection.

Tim's article should be a first read for anyone interested in commercial Android development, especially those who will be implementing the Androids License Verification Library.

I believe publishing my original article has proven fruitful already. Google has came through again in response with valuable knowledge and tools to arm developers in the war against piracy. Only time will tell if they gave us 22s or 50 calibers.

Credit: Google Android blog