In what seems like preparation for their upcoming G2 handset, T-Mobile is planning on clearing out their selection of Android handsets by ending sales of the Motorola Cliq, Cliq XT, and T-Mobile MyTouch 1.2 on October 4.

Whatever the reason, it’s probably a good thing that these low-end handsets are going off the market - hopefully, it will help keep outdated OS's like Cupcake and Donut from growing in size. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help reassure owners of said phones that their updates will come in a timely fashion, if at all. The Cliq and Cliq XT are still on track to receive Android 2.1, while the MyTouch 1.2 should be receiving the update to Android 2.2.

For owners of these devices, this is probably a sign that now is the time to update to a higher-end phone, like the Vibrant or the upcoming G2: as someone who owns a MyTouch (original, not 1.2), I sure am.

Source: TmoNews