A few weeks back, Viewsonic announced they'd be bringing a few Android tablets, to IFA (Android tablets at a trade show? Shocking, I know). Specifically, they'll be showing off two tablets - one is 7" and rocks Android, and the other is 10" and dual boots Android and Windows. They'll both be released under the ViewPad name, and they're slated (get it?) to feature:

  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi (I'd guess 802.11n)
  • GPS
  • microSD Card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port


According to Viewsonic, the 10" tablet will be based on a new Intel chipset. Personally, I have no idea what it could be - I know Intel has been looking to break into the mobile device CPU market. However, given that it also runs Windows, I'd have to guess it's an Atom - possibly a new chipset, and dare I say... possibly a dual core? Who knows. I'm speculating, so don't quote me on any of that.


But alas, back to the topic at hand: the photos that Pocket-Lint has stumbled upon show what seems to be the 7" tablet, looking pretty sleek and following the "make it look like an iPhone 4" trend. With IFA starting in a few days (7, to be specific), we don't have too long to wait for more details.

There's a bit of a twist in the story, though: Engadget is saying that this is simply a rebranded version if India's Olive Pad. Certainly takes some of the excitement out of things, now doesn't it?

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