Logitech has released its first commercials for the Revue, the first Google TV box to hit the market. The commercials are so weird on so many levels - it looks like Logitech is going to be using a giant TV with legs as the mascot. Not creepy enough? The TV either displays a giant human eye or a giant human mouth. Like I said, freaking weird.

2010-08-26 15h15_30

I'm not going to lie, I'd probably freak the hell out too.

Luckily, that's the worst of them.


Oh, wait...


Pictured: breakfast at a typical American household.

Maybe not.

On the plus side, we can clearly see what they're shooting for with Google TV (although we already had an idea): gaming, web browsing, video chatting, and so on.

Oh, and the irony that the commercials involve a giant eye when Google has a questionable history on privacy is not lost on me. Videos below (part 1, 2, and 3).


[Source: Engadget]