This morning on Vodafone’s forums, a VF employee announced that the Froyo update for the HTC Desire would be rolling out on Monday. We knew it was coming soon - on August 12, we relayed that they expected it to roll out in 7-10 days - sans crapware. The update is rolling out a bit later than expected (August 23 would be 11 days) because they wanted to make sure they’d worked out all the kinks. Vodafone is hoping to roll out the update to all customers within a two-week timeframe.

In what seems to be an attempt to appease customers who are still pissed off over the Vodafone 360 crapware debacle, they’ve even provided instructions for how to remove it:

Instructions for users who downloaded and now want to remove the Vodafone 360 update (

If you have downloaded the Vodafone 360 update and want to remove it from your device, you will need to follow one of these two approaches, depending on whether or not you have accessed and updated the “360 Updates” or “Shop” apps pre-installed in the update.

If you downloaded the Vodafone 360 software but chose not to update these applications – which you would have been prompted to do on opening them for the first time - installing Android 2.2 will remove the Vodafone branding and apps from your device.

Please note:

- The icons for “Shop”, ”Music Shop” and “MyWeb” will still appear on your device’s home screen, but will no longer work. To permanently delete them, you will need to drag the icons into the bin.
- Your browser homepage, bookmarks and home screen layout won’t be changed by the update. This is to ensure that any changes you’ve made since the Vodafone 360 software download are not removed by the FOTA update. You can manually change these settings on the device.
- Although it won’t be necessary following the Android 2.2 update, a factory reset of the device would also remove the Vodafone customisation, but you should ensure your device is backed up to avoid losing your content through this process.

Customers who have accessed and updated the 360 apps since downloading the initial Vodafone 360 software can also follow these guidelines for removing the content from their phone. However, in order to remove the “360 updates” and “Shop” applications you will need to do the following:

1. Go to “Settings->Applications->Manage applications->360 updates” and tap on “uninstall updates”.
2. When asked “Do you want to uninstall the updates to this Android application?” Select “OK” and then “OK” again.
3. The phone will show the message "Uninstall not successful". This message is incorrect and in fact the application is fully removed. Select “OK”.
4. Go to “Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Shop” and tap on “uninstall updates”.
5. The user will be presented with the message “Do you want to uninstall the updates to this Android application?” Select “OK” and then “OK” again.
6. The phone will show the message "Uninstall not successful". This message is incorrect and in fact the application is fully removed. Select “OK”.
7. Restart the phone and the two applications are permanently removed.

Nice to see them trying to make things right. Though I have to wonder... if they’re using nearly-vanilla Android 2.2 with just network optimizations, how much testing could they need to do? (For what it’s worth: Justin - our hacker contributor - thinks it’s going to be less vanilla than they’re making it out to be.)

Full post can be found at the source link, and is also copied below.

[Source: Vodafone Forums, via AndroidForums]

HTC Desire: Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Update to Android 2.2

The Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire will start to be available to Vodafone customers from Monday 23 August.

Our priority has been to make sure that the software does what we said it will do. This meant testing took a little longer than anticipated.

Customers will receive an alert telling them that their handset is ready for an update and this alert will be phased over a two week period.

If you did not download the Vodafone 360 update, follow the first set of instructions below to download the Android 2.2 update when prompted to.

If you did download the Vodafone 360 software, once you have the 2.2 update, these guidelines also explain what you need to do to remove that content from your device, depending on the current software configuration of your HTC Desire.

Customers who still want to use Vodafone 360 services can visit the Android Marketplace, where a number of 360 apps are available. We will also be issuing an optional Vodafone 360 update for HTC Desire users at a later date.

*Please note: The following steps will only work once you have downloaded the 2.2 Android update*
Finding out which software your HTC Desire is running

To check the current software version of your HTC Desire, go to Settings->About phone->Software information and look for the entries “Android version” and “Software number”.

Your software should either be if you haven’t downloaded the recent Vodafone 360 software, or if you have accepted the update.

Instructions for users who have not downloaded the Vodafone 360 update (

Follow the instructions on the device once you are prompted that an update is available for your phone.
Any applications you have downloaded from the Android Marketplace will be retained, including 360 People and Vodafone Music if you’ve chosen to download them to your handset. In addition, if you have modified the browser homepage, bookmarks or home screen layout, this will remain unchanged by the update.

[This was the part I already pasted above, explaining how to remove 360 if you’ve already downloaded it. Took it out because there’s no need to have it twice. - AG]