MyDroidWorld has scored a big one today: they’ve hosted the Droid X Froyo ROM, thanks to the hard work of P3Droid, Birdman, and rootzwiki. Installation seems relatively simple, and boy is it a popular download: their server was bombarded with 15,000 download requests shortly after posting it.



Installation seems rather simple, assuming you're rooted and are running stock recovery:



They’ve hosted the file with MediaFire since it seems to have crashed their servers.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have any details at this point since this just happened, but we’ll update as needed. If anyone takes the jump, be sure to let us know how it goes!

[Update] Just to clarify, P3 just tweeted that you need to be on stock recovery. We’re in the process of uploading to another mirror now, should be just a few minutes. We’ll update again once we’ve got an alternate link. Also, looks like they’re getting DDoSed:



[Update 2] We’ve thrown up a mirror here - enjoy and let us know how it works!

[Source: MyDroidWorld (currently down)]