This has got to be one of the most useful things I’ve seen in my tenure here, although I may be biased because I own an EVO. XDA forum member nief1313 is in the (very slow) process of compiling the results of testing and benchmarking a ton of EVO ROMs. When I say a ton, I mean 11:

  1. Stock Froyo
  2. CyanogenMod 6 RC2
  3. DamageControl 3.5
  4. Fresh EVO
  5. BakedSnack 1.2.5
  6. Burnt Droid 1.0
  7. EViO 2 Series v1.0.2
  8. EViO 2 Series v1.1
  9. Ava-FroyoV3RevA
  10. OMJ’s v2.1
  11. FroYo Fusion 2.3

Quite the comprehensive list, and a popular one at that: as I write this, there 27 people are viewing the spreadsheet. He hasn’t completed all (or even most) of the benchmarks - but what’s done so far is plenty useful. (Disclaimer: I’d been sitting on this for about a week waiting to see if it would be finished, but progress seems understandably slow.) Most notably absent are stock Froyo benchmarks; still, it’s amazing to see the amount of variation even between custom ROMs. On stock clocks, Linpack scores vary from 39.8 to 33.3, fps2d ranges from 54 fps to 29, and quadrants hit anywhere from 1312 to 737.


If you’re an EVO owner with a rooted device, it’s definitely worth a look. If you’re rooted but not running a custom ROM, you’re definitely missing out. And if you aren’t rooted... well, what are you waiting for?

[Source: XDA-Devs, Nief1313 (Spreadsheet)]