Earlier today, T-Mobile ran a "huge" promotion, lowering the price of the Samsung Vibrant to $99.99 in an exclusive online deal. Since Amazon.com, Wirefly.com, and others have had the $99.99 price tag for ages now, we didn't give T-Mobile's deal much coverage (well, any coverage really). Many other sites did, however.

Seeing this, Amazon.com had a quick huddle this afternoon and came back with an even better offer of just $0.01 for new activations. That's 1 penny short of being absolutely free.

Sadly, upgrades are still $149.99 but those of you looking for that extra kick in the butt to switch over to T-Mo may have just run into the right boot.

Hit up the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant AmazonWireless page to grab the deal before it runs out (which is likely very soon).