It may have taken a little longer than other HTC phones, but the Wildfire has finally been rooted… in a way. This method doesn’t unlock NAND on the phone (which means you can't remove stock apps or install custom ROMs), but it does allow running applications that require root (here are 8 great root-only applications if you need inspiration).

XDA user MartinEve, who accomplished the soft root, is already in talks with the developers of unrEVOked to make a more permanent solution, but until then, you can follow the instructions below to root your Wildfire (to find the most up-to-date instructions, hit the source link).

You must have adb working.
Root instructions:
Step 1: Download and install Superuser.apk from the Market. ( )
Step 2: Download my SoftRoot package ( )
Step 3: Execute from a command prompt in the directory where you downloaded SoftRoot.apk:
adb install SoftRoot.apk
adb install ./SoftRoot.apk
Step 4: Run the SoftRoot application that is now installed.
The application will now crash. Wait 2 seconds, close it and you are rooted.
You will need to re-perform stage 4, only, each time you reboot.

Source: XDA Developers Forums via tip from Andrew Burton