Flipz (of Fresh ROMs) has come through again, this time with a solution to slow data speeds. It seems the problem lies with PRI - as Flipz puts it, “... a connection between your phone and the radio... responsible for carrying both voice and data.” The EVO shipped with PRI version 1.40, but rooting the phone downgrades to 1.34 - which is evidently less efficient.

The fix isn’t exactly easy, but it’s nothing too tricky, either. Users who have experience in the depths of their phone (read: recovery, logistics, etc.) should be just fine, as should less-experienced users who follow the directions closely. The process is comprised of seven steps, and doesn’t look to be too time-consuming. To paraphrase (and seriously abbreviate, full instructions HERE):

  1. Reboot into recovery
  2. Create a NAND backup (you have to wipe the phone later)
  3. Reboot phone and dial into Reverse Logistics
  4. Enter your MSL. You must have it handy. Phone will go through a process of rebooting. Reboot again.
  5. Phone boots up again - takes longer than normal. Your device has now been wiped, so it goes through the new-phone process. At this point, update the phone (this is where your PRI gets updated).
  6. Reboot again. Still have the new phone screen - skip until you can enter menu and check software information. Check PRI - it should be 1.40_003.
  7. Reboot into recovery, flash your NAND backup.


As usual, big thanks to Flipz. God knows the man has certainly earned any donations you can send his way.

[Source: Geekfor.me]