Looks like the floodgates have opened and pre-orders have started for the Epic 4G. All the usual suspects are offering the device, and all in their own way. As with the EVO 4G, Sprint will be requiring the Premium Data (or 4G) surcharge of $10/month. As always, to get the lowest price, you need to sign a 2-year agreement.

  • Sprint is selling the device for $350 with a $100 mail-in-rebate (MIR). Currently, if you pre-order online, you pick it up in-store on the August 31 and pay for it then. Looks like full retail on the phone is $500.
  • Best Buy is pricing the device at $250 with no MIR, as usual. You will pay an activation fee of $36 if you’re a new customer, and $18 if you’re upgrading. They’re charging a whopping $650 to buy the device outright. Looks like they're requiring a $50 deposit, which then counts towards the purchase of the phone.
  • Radio Shack is also selling the device for $250 without MIR, as well as the activation fee (again, $36 or $18, depending). Like Best Buy, would-be purchasers are required to put $50 down on the device, which then goes towards the final cost. They’re charging $550 retail.
  • Wirefly is pricing the Epic at $240 (also no MIR), but again, you’ll be charged an activation fee of $36 or $18. They’re listing their retail at $600.

All in all, looks like buyers have a variety of options come August 31. If you’re looking to pre-order, you should probably jump on it while you still can - the Epic is likely to sell out fast.