This file could make your phone permanently unusable (“bricked”). This update is ONLY for UK Dell Streak phones with the version _21 baseband (O2 phones). Do NOT flash this on a US Streak. As with all unofficial updates, flashing this is done at your own risk.

So you’ve read all about what features are coming in the Streak’s Eclair update, and the planned September release window. Well, some enterprising members over at the MoDaCo Android forum have managed to catch a pre-release version of the 2.1 update, purportedly a newer version than that tested in the original Engadget post.  There’s also an XDA thread on the update

DOWNLOAD: Dell Streak 2.1 Pre-Release For UK Streaks ONLY with version _21 baseband

The leak seems to only work on O2 UK models (serial XXX_21), so those with the factory unlocked SKU are currently out of luck. Be aware that this will wipe your original installation, and you may end up bricking your device. Installation instructions are scattered throughout the forum thread with posters reporting various amounts of success, along with methods including flashing older build versions first before upgrading with the new update, and work-arounds for Market problems. This is definitely a work-in-progress update so be very careful in any attempt to execute it. Read the source thread in full for the risks involved. However, if you do get it working there are plenty of benefits:

  • 720P video recording
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Faster UI
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Better Keyboard
  • Various bugfixes (with some new bugs introduced…)

Check out the video by Matt Dunham of MyDellMini showing off 2.1 on his own Streak:

Source : via Mobiputing