All I can say is “YAY—FINALLY!” Can you tell that I am totally psyched about the addition of speech-to-text to Swiftkey?

If you recall, I did a brief review on Swiftkey beta back in mid-July. I have been using this keyboard exclusively since that time and have not looked back. In my humble opinion, it is better than any keyboard, including Swype, that I have tested to date on my Droid Incredible. Yes, it is THAT good. Now, with the addition of speech-to-text, there is very little that I can suggest to make this any better. In fact, if you look at the changelog below, they have improved the overall appearance of the keyboard with clearer lettering and larger keys. NICE!

You can head on over to the Market or to Appbrain to update to the latest beta. Or Use the QR code.

Happy typing!

Here is the QR code for downloading Swiftkey.

QR code for market://search?q=pname:com.touchtype.swiftkey.trial

SWIFTKEY BETA CHANGELOG - VERSION 1.0.590 The following features have been added in the latest SwiftKey Beta release for Android Smartphones:

  • Voice recognition feature added to prediction fields
  • VR Installation wizard process implemented
  • Improved GUI
  • larger keys and clearer lettering
  • Improved keypress handling

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Several internal bugs fixed to increase overall stability
  • NPE TouchTypeSoftKeyboard.keyDownUp fixed
  • ClassCastException
  • OnClickPredictionButtonListener.onClick fixed
  • NPE TouchTypeSoftKeyboard.handleCharacter

More details on voice recognition:

  • Available on microphone button press or swipe right
  • Settings now available as long-press on same key
  • Currently only operates in fields where SwiftKey shows predictions
  • Requires Android 2.0 or higher.

Source: SwiftKey