It's been 8 days since the original Android 2.2 Froyo update for the 1st Motorola Droid leaked out online, and Verizon has been taking its sweet time to make it available to the masses, leaving us guessing whether FRG01B was indeed the final version of this Éclair->Froyo update and whether serious stop-ship bugs were discovered.

Turns out, nothing has changed - FRG01B is exactly the version that Verizon started pushing out to the Droids a few hours ago. So if you haven't flashed the update a little over a week ago, you just missed out on 8 sweet days with the frozen deliciousness. Don't waste any more time and hit up your Settings > About Phone > System Updates menu to see whether you can hurry that OTA up, that is unless your Droid already discovered it on its own.

If the OTA hasn't shown its head for you yet, you can safely flash it manually, using our detailed instructions right here.

Happy updating and let us know how it goes.

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Thanks to: Todd Scheck and others for the notification.