Want a live wallpaper that will make your friends’ heads explode? XDA-developers member chopsui is the man you are looking for. Check out the video he posted on YouTube in July to get an idea of just what you’re in for.

In a manner similar to the popular Labyrinth motion-controlled game, VR Tunnel LWP uses the phone’s accelerometer to judge the viewing angle and turns the viewpoint into the tunnel accordingly.

A couple of days ago, chopsui posted the APK of the live wallpaper on the XDA-devs forum, for Nexus One users to try out. Having installed it, I can say it works very well as a proof of concept, and is a very impressive demo. However, the accelerometer seemed a bit too sensitive, and it caused my app drawer’s scrolling to stutter when running in the background. There is also the fact that the enabled sensor is using up quite a bit of power, so you can expect your phone to take a bit of a hit in terms of battery life if using this LWP constantly. Thankfully you can disable the motion sensor, because even without it enabled, the wallpaper is still very cool.

As with anything using the motion sensor, there can be times when its centre point doesn’t line up with what it should be. All you have to do to re-centre the tunnel is double tap your screen. You can also tap on the approaching cubes to make them rotate as they fly.

Users of VR Tunnel on devices besides the Nexus One have been having some problems with colours and textures of their wallpaper. The main victims appear to be devices using PowerVR GPUs, like the DROID/Milestone and the Galaxy S family. Luckily for owners of those popular devices, the dev has just bought a DROID from Craigslist, so expect a compatible release soon.

Edit by Artem: I've tested this wallpaper on my EVO 4G, and it worked just fine.

Now all it needs is a floating head, and we have the perfect Strong Bad homage.

Source : XDA-Developers