If you’ve been waiting for a high-quality Android tablet… you may just have to wait a little bit longer. Due to investor issues, the Notion Ink Adam tablet has been delayed yet again, with the release date being pushed back to late 2010.

After first unveiling the tablet back in December, Notion Ink received enough money from investors in February 2010, but since then the device has been delayed repeatedly due to a variety of issues. Because of this, several investors have reportedly given up on the tablet, leading to further delays. Fortunately, things could be looking up for Notion Ink – in early June, they secured a new investor, and seem to have enough money to keep the project going. CEO Rohan Shravan expects the Adam to launch this December.

Whenever this device does release, we can expect to see it priced competitively, despite being of a higher caliber than some other tablets we’ve seen recently. Shravan gave a few additional details on pricing for the different models:

"We will have the device before the year ends. It will be introduced at a major event after which you can order it online. It has to be placed strategically, as this is our maiden effort. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but with the support we are getting from all, we might just become a part of the history. Also on the pricing, all the 3 devices will be lower than even the basic model of iPad."

Source: Slashgear

via: Engadget