OKCupid (via Gizmodo) published an extremely interesting (but very in-depth) article detailing all kinds of smartphone and camera data. There were a number of interesting things in the article, perhaps the most relevant of which is that Android users have nearly half the number of sexual partners as iPhone users. Age bias is eliminated because the poll was conducted on 30 year-olds, rather than the mass populace. No real use for that information, but funny and interesting.


There are plenty of other good tidbits in the article as well. For example, the nicer a camera is, the more attractive it makes people look. Thus, a photo of somebody taken with a DSLR makes them look more attractive than if the picture were taken with a crappy cameraphone. The study also found that the flash adds 7 years, because the harsher light highlights imperfections. Further, a lower depth of field makes subjects appear more attractive, as do pictures taken in the evening. All in all, pretty interesting.

In conclusion, go out and have sex. We can’t have those iPhone asshats showing us up that badly.

[Source: Gizmodo]