As the dust settles on the demise of the original DROID, a phoenix arises from the ashes in a downpour of leaks from the Motorola colander. I’m loath to mix metaphors, but the farcical nature of the DROID 2 pre-release circus can only be described in such epic terms. What do we know about the DROID 2?

And finally, now, its price. Sent in by a reader to Engadget, Best Buy has dummy units and prices out on display.


Right in there with the DROID X and iPhone 4, the DROID 2 will be $199.99 on a two year Verizon contract. The full retail price is an entirely unsurprising $599.99, but since you can’t really use VZW phones anywhere else in the world (yet), that price point won't affect you, unless you want to upgrade mid-contract.



For those of you itching to get your mitts on the next-gen hardware keyboard, the wait is nearly over. Let’s just see what manages to leak out between now and then, eh?

Source : Engadget