Well, that was fast, although not entirely unexpected – it seems the official (really this time) update v3.26.651.6-1.47.651.1  (let's call it simply .6) for the HTC EVO 4G is being rolled out as you read this, a whole day early.

As promised, it’s coming over the air - just go to your Settings > System updates and force it through.

If the OTA update is not showing up or if you've opted to install the earlier update last Friday (3.26.651.3-1.47.651.1 - let's just call it .3), then you can try downloading it via this direct link below and follow the steps in Friday's article to install.

We've confirmed that phones with the .3 OTA currently don't find the .6 update.

We haven't yet had a chance to try installing .6 over .3 manually using the link above.

Have you? Does it work?

Update #1: If you're having trouble seeing all downloaded apps in the Market (we were seeing 2, for instance), try this fix:
  • Settings -> Applications -> Installed applications -> All -> Market -> Clear data
  • Now start the Market again, and it should be all fixed up

In either case, you're safe, as HTC did mention they would be taking care of the .3 -> .6 situation:


Fortunately, HTC isn’t the only source for Froyo ROM's for the EVO – CM6 has been out for a few weeks now, and Flipz just released his own Froyo build, based on the previously-leaked build mentioned above (which I’m testing now – hands-on coming tomorrow).

EVO owners, let us know what you think of the update in the comments.