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ExtendedControls - Power Control On Steroids

Do you like Android’s native Power Control widget? Are you unable to go through the day without using it more times than you can count? Do you wish it had a few more buttons (for things like Airplane Mode, or a flashlight) and that they could all fit in one row? Then you’ll probably be very interested in ExtendedControls—an app which takes the wonderful idea that is the Power Control widget, and turns it into a supercharged multi-tool.

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To say ExtendedControls improves on the Power Control widget is sort of like saying the light bulb “improved” on candles: justice is simply not done by the statement. If there’s a feature you want to toggle on your Android device, chances are, ExtendedControls has you covered. I’ll break it down into a list for easy consumption:

  • Toggle 2G/3G
  • Toggle 4G/WiMax (currently in beta)
  • Toggle mobile data (APN)
  • Toggle WiFi
  • Toggle Bluetooth
  • Toggle GPS 
  • Toggle autosync
  • Change brightness level/behavior
  • Toggle screen autorotate
  • Toggle airplane mode
  • Force Media Scanner to update pictures, videos, music (in Gallery/Music apps)
  • Switch from normal volume to silent/vibrate
  • Force screen to stay awake during charging
  • Alter the screen timeout value
  • Torch - activate your LED flash as a flashlight OR turn your screen white as a flashlight
  • Toggle automatic screen lock
  • Toggle lock pattern on/off (those with EVO 4G and other phones with recessed power buttons should check it out)
  • Switch from normal volume to full silence
  • Force screen to stay awake all the time
  • Toggle USB mass storage mode
  • Battery life display
  • Toggle screen always on
  • Reboot to OS, bootloader, or recovery. (doesn’t work on my N1 Sad smile [even with SU permissions])

Needless to say, this list is pretty extensive. One thing I would like to see ExtendedControls add is individual “Mute” buttons for different volume levels (ie Ringer, Media, Alerts, Alarm, etc). I suppose you can’t have everything, though.


ExtendedControls’ appearance can be customized to blend in with overlays like Sense, or appear like the vanilla Power Control widget.

Note from Artem: I've been working closely with the ExtendedControls team and helped them diagnose a few EVO 4G specific bugs (4G switch, LED flash). While these got fixed in the latest beta, there is still an outstanding APN switch bug (mobile data on/off). I filed it here, and they're working on it as we speak.


Not convinced yet? The ExtendedControls team has made a video showing off the app in action:


For a paltry €0.79 (about $1USD) ExtendedControls is yours. You’d have to be a bit of a tightwad to pass this app up (even if only to try it out). I can honestly say ExtendedControls is the best dollar I’ve spent in quite a while. Here’s the QR code for the Market download page (scan it with Barcode Scanner or just click if you're on your phone):

QR code for market://search?q=pname:com.extendedcontrols

So, have ExtendedControls, or used it? Love it? Hate it? Have suggestions? Let ‘em rip, we’d love to send comments on to the developer for you guys!

Oh, and here's their site: where you can find an overview and a changelog.


Today we are giving away 50 free licenses to ExtendedControls, worth about $1 each, sponsored by the folks behind ExtendedControls.

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