The following post by XDA member scuccia popped earlier today on the HTC Droid Incredible section of the XDA forums:

Here is a Stock 2.2 ROM with Sense based off the upcoming Froyo OTA. This is completely stock with the additions of su, Superuser.apk and busybox.
Everything has been confirmed working. Camera, camcorder, Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, MMS, etc...
A full wipe and 2.x radio is required.
If you don't have a 2.x radio already you can find instructions instruction here.

Get the ROM here!
There are quite a few new additions that have been included. HTC Flashlight, FM Radio widget, Calculator widget, SMS widget, Sync all widget, profile widgets, 3g mobile hotspot, genie widget, App sharing program, messaging app changed a bit, 720p recording, built in flash on camcorder, and more stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Based on the image below, it seems legit. The HTC kernel, as well as the fact that everything (camera, video recording included) works, is pretty compelling evidence. Unfortunately, the only download available is of a full ROM image, meaning you must factory wipe your phone and update your radio baseband (meaning you need root) in order to flash the ROM.


This does defeat the purpose of getting 2.2 for some people, like those who don’t want to root their phones just to acquire FroYo. If you aren’t rooted or are unfamiliar with flashing ROM’s, you may be better off waiting for the official update package to appear, which should be far easier to install (and won’t require root). Stay tuned for more information.

Try out this ROM? How’s it work? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: DroidLife