UPDATE 3: We’ve been informed that in an interview earlier today, spokesman Matt Parretta claimed that the capture from the Dell website below was a mistake. Parretta also says he knew nothing about the page’s statement that the phone would be available in late July, saying “I’ve never said that.” (I guess I’ll take him at his word).

Shame on Dell for putting us through all this!

UPDATE 2: It seems those who made it on the Dell Streak pre-order list can expect an e-mail some time today with a link to purchase their new phone. Pricing comes in at $299 for new or extended 2-year AT&T contracts, and a whopping $549 for those looking to purchase it unsubsidized.

Have you received your pre-order link? Take some screenshots of the order page! We’ll give you a cookie. Send them along to [email protected]

And feel free to comment, as always. Is this a bogus deal? Or is Dell’s pricing fair on this 5-inch tablet phone monster?

UPDATE: One of our helpful readers (Dan) has informed us that after a chat with a Dell rep, it seems the Streak will be available for purchase for everyone on Friday, July 30th on Dell.com. Whether pre-order participants will still get their 24-hour advantage is unknown.


It appears that the Dell Streak is finally ready to make its US debut, dell.com/streak was briefly updated with the following information (the page has since been reverted to allow pre-sale signups again, though they don’t seem to be working):


It is certainly possible Dell posted the page in error, but their “late July” release window is quickly shrinking, and tomorrow’s probably as good a day as any to release a phone. While it is technically a “pre-sale,” it doesn’t sound like pre-sale participants will getting their devices much quicker—barring the possibility of it becoming sold out in pre-orders.

Presumably, a pre-sale order placed early in the day would ship on the 28th and, with the free 2-day shipping, arrive on the 30th (Friday). Or on the 29th with overnight shipping. An order placed reasonably early on the “everybody-else-release” day (July 29th) with overnight shipping would arrive on the 30th as well.

I’m willing to bet this release date is valid. Why? If the Streak is released on the 29th for pre-sales, 2nd day shipping orders would not  arrive in the hands of owners until August 3rd, significantly overshooting Dell’s promised July release.

Of course, we’ll be updating this story as more details (and confirmation) become available.

Credit: SlashGear, Laptop, ComputerWorld