Koush has released his new version of ClockworkMod for the Galaxy S series of devices. Users who flashed older versions of CWM will have to reflash the stock kernel. However, CWM doesn’t touch the kernel – Koush says it’s “…Completely uninvasive” – rather than hard-installing, it installs to the ramdisk so that it’s gone when the phone restarts.

Installation is pretty simple – users download ROM Manager from the Market, and then flash CWM. The first time users run CWM, an additional reinstall may be needed. Koush’s instructions:

First things first, if you flashed a previous version of Clockwork Recovery using Odin, FLASH BACK TO A STOCK KERNEL using this Odin package:

This recovery is *very* safe to use. It does NOT flash your kernel; it is a completely uninvasive recovery method.

How it works: The recovery is packaged as an update.zip that you run from STOCK recovery. The update.zip unpacks Clockwork Recovery onto the ramdisk and restarts recovery. When you reboot, it reverts back to the original, unmodified, stock recovery. So, you will need to keep the recovery on the root of your SD card as an update.zip, and apply the zip every time you want to start Clockwork.

HOWEVER, if you use ROM Manager, all of the recovery installation and management instructions are done for you!

Installation instructions:

  1. Download ROM Manager from the Market.
  2. Flash Recovery.
  3. Choose Captivate as your phone.
  4. Accept the Superuser prompt.
  5. Use ROM Manager to create a Backup.
  6. On the very FIRST boot of Clockwork, you may need to manually select "reinstall packages" if Clockwork does not start. You should only ever have to do this once. It will be automatic from then on.
  7. Watch the backup go!

That's it! This is completely painless and safe! There is no need for Odin anymore to replace the recovery or flash updates!

If you appreciate my work, please buy the Premium version of ROM Manager!

As usual, awesome work Koush. As he said in the post (bolding ours) – you can donate to him via PayPal or purchase ROM Manager Premium to support his efforts.

[Source: XDA-Devs]