Gaming has progressed a long way since the first consoles were introduced in the 80's. Since then, PC and console gaming has grown to the point where televised tournaments are held for huge prizes and, for some [lucky] people, it can even be a full-time job! Now mobile gamers can join in on the fun, as Droid Gamers have announced the first ever Android Gaming Challenge.

The Android Gaming Challenge (or AGC1 for short) will put players against each other in the first ever Android gaming tournament and quite possibly the first ever mobile gaming tournament. The champion is to receive a Grand Prize package which will include a new Android phone of their choice courtesy of Wirefly. Want details? Keep reading.

The Details Summarized

  • Tournament starts approx 10am PST July 30, 2010
  • To enter the tournament, just be at DroidGamers when we announce the starting game, we will announce the highest Top 40 scores and the usernames that they belong to. Those people will move into the ladder. Also please post your username in the comment that you will be using and make sure you use your correct email address when posting your comment with your username. You can also use their Tips form if you want to give them your username via email instead of leaving it in the comments.
  • First 5 days are qualifiers for all entries. you’ll have 5 days to play the announced game and get into the Top40.
  • Ladder begins after 5 days of qualifiers, Top 40 players will be placed into the ladder
  • Each Ladder round will last 24hrs starting at 10am PST and ending 10am PST the following day. Break days may be introduced to give people a rest. Each round of the ladder will be a different game.
  • The last player standing will be the winner of the Grand Prize package which will include a free new Android phone and listed as Best Android Gamer of AGC #1
  • Top 5 players will also win prizes
  • No cheating
  • Please have Android 1.6 or higher on your phone. This is only to ensure game compatibility for all players
  • Scores will be updates via their Twitter account (official Hashtag is #AGC1) as well as post the Ladder results for everyone to see
  • All games will be free for players. Some will be special edition AGC full versions games while others will be full version with a expiry time.
  • US Residents Only. Don’t worry international gamers, there is an AGC coming up shortly after this one for you!


This tournament is planned to happen on a regular basis if it receives enough attention, with a rumored huge ‘finale’ at the end of each year. No details about the finale have be released yet. If you do not win the Grand prize have no fear, other prizes are available for some of the finalists as well.

So if you think you have what it takes to be crowned the best Android gamer or believe you kill enough time playing games that you can win then head over to DroidGamers and get signed-up. You will also be able to find all the details over there in the official announcement.

Source: DroidGamers

Android Gaming Challenge 1