Today, AOL released two new applications for Android as well as an HTLML5 web app for the other guys. The two applications, AOL Portal and AOL Daily Finance, are the latest in a line of mobile applications bridging platforms. The AOL portal app is the first application AOL has chosen to release on Android, but not on iOS.

When asked why the company chose Android over iOS and other platforms, David Temkin, VP of Mobile for AOL said “Momentum is the key reason.”

AOL is banking on Android’s momentum to carry their product to the greater body of users but also mentioned that an iOS version may follow the Android version in the future. When asked why they chose to create a native application versus offering just the mobile web app, Temkin replied that “Apps can offer a better package and experience for end users.”

The mobile web application provides HTML5 content and media for those smartphones that support it. It’s certainly interesting to see a web content company pushing mobile apps as the better experience. Clearly, AOL is on board for the mobile run and understands the improved performance and integration a native app can provide over an HTML5 web version.

source: gigaom