EVO 4G is notorious for its battery problems - they've been plaguing the phone since before it even came out. I personally don't think the battery life is too drastically different from the Hero, for instance, but it's still pretty bad. Chances are that if you want to last through the day, you won't.

Update #1: These fit the HTC Hero too! (Thanks to @xMPoly for the tip)
Update #2: Fit the Droid Incredible perfectly as well! I wonder if it's good for all HTC phones.

There are countless battery tips out there, most of which either don't do anything or force you to turn off so much of your phone's functionality that you might as well buy an iPhone (ziiiiing?).

Spare Batteries

However, here's a more radical tip for you - carry an extra battery (or 2). Sprint's itself suggested it as a workaround for the battery issues. At suggested retail of $30-40 a pop, it is, however, not the cheapest.

There are countless aftermarket copycat batteries on eBay but who knows whether they are any good? Will they hold the charge or run out after a few hours? What is a good package? Well, we do, because we tested a specific set for the last 2 weeks, and it was brilliant.

The Details

While browsing AndroidCentral forums a few weeks ago, I saw this post covering the following set and being highly recommended by the poster.

You spend exactly $10 and get:

  • a perfectly fine pair of extra batteries that pack the same amount of juice as the stock battery (1500mAh)
  • a dedicated battery charger
  • oh, and did I mention this whole package ships free?

I ordered and had them in my hands a week or so later.

The batteries feel solid and not cheap, like some knock-offs, and the charger has a nice indicator that lights up in reddish-bluish color when the charge is in progress and turns blue when the charge is complete.

I've been using them and I personally can't tell the difference between the stock battery and these ones - they last approximately the same, which was a huge relief.

Have a look at some photos I took:

HTC EVO 4G Owners, Here's A Battery Tip For You: 2 Extra 1500mAh Batteries + Battery Charger For $10, AndroidPolice Tested And Approved HTC EVO 4G Owners, Here's A Battery Tip For You: 2 Extra 1500mAh Batteries + Battery Charger For $10, AndroidPolice Tested And Approved

While I carry a USB charger with me at all times, it has felt incredibly satisfactory to be able to instantly receive a top-up to 100% in a few seconds. I am keeping both batteries in my laptop backpack that is with me at all times. The charge paranoia - it's gone.

Buy It

If you want to buy this set, head over to eBay item #250641711190.

Report back with your experiences.