UPDATE: Per our informer below in the comments, this may be limited to only some Verizon retail locations. But, there is confirmation that several actual Verizon locations would not sell unsubsidized devices in the link we’re sourcing.

Numerous persons are confirming in comments and side-notes on DroidLife that some Verizon stores are refusing to sell unsubsidized (full-price) Droid X’s to customers who are showing up and waiting in line for the device this morning. They are reportedly being directed to place orders online and have the phone shipped. While this is arguably little more than a shrewd business tactic, it certainly doesn’t make Verizon look any better given all the bad press the Droid X has been getting.

So, if you need a Droid X right now, you may have to pledge allegiance to Verizon for another 2 years.

And yes, we are aware the link is an article explaining how eFuse may be a non-issue. Rest assured, we’ll post an update when we receive confirmation on the status of the eFuse “feature.”

Credit: DroidLife