Engadget has done a little bit of conjecturing and made a pretty convincing argument that the half tablet, half phone Dell Streak  (specs available here) will be hitting US shores in AT&T stores next week. The evidence? An AT&T store has locked down the smartphone section of its sales floor for the erection of a new product display and implemented security measures that make the TSA seem lax.


Employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and some are “on the chopping block” for getting a little too curious about the displays. Given the amount of coverage and advertisement the Captivate has gotten, it’s unlikely AT&T would care too much about people seeing the device’s sales display before its unveiling. It is possible, though.

I tend to agree with Engadget that something larger is probably going on; as the Streak was said to be coming to US in July when it was originally announced for the UK. But since then, there has been no word from Dell or AT&T, only whispered rumors and speculation.

We’ll be keeping you updated when and if more details become available.

Credit: Engadget