This article mentions rooting and flashing of custom ROMs. If you’re unfamiliar with either term, hit up our primers here and here for additional information

Remember the 3-click SimpleRoot app that brought full root, including permanently unlocking NAND (that's something unrevoked doesn't do), to your EVO 4G? I sure do, as that's exactly how I rooted my EVO. However, If you applied the latest god forsaken EVO OTA, you may have found that that version of SimpleRoot no longer worked.

Fear not, jiqqaman, the app's developer, recently released an updated version, this time containing 4 steps. It works with the EVOs upgraded to 1.47.651.1 like a charm.

SimpleRoot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition Now Unlocking Root And NAND On Post-OTA EVO 4G Phones

For my hands-on using this app, hit up the previous 3-click article.

Instructions and credits below:




  • Click the buttons starting from Step 1 and follow directions.
  • Optional:
  • Click the Extras Menu and select Flash recovery. Then select the Recovery of your choice.
  • Remove all the file not need after you've completed all the step by clicking Extras > Clean root-files

Im trying to work on getting a VPS to host the files for this. My host suspended my account due "CPU Usage" abuse lol. The amount of downloads were cause the CPU over usage... So getting a VPS should solve that problem, but it's more costly... so dropbox and megaupload will have to do for now....

Source: xda-developers via jiqqaman