You know the drill… You’re in the city, hunting for a parking spot to no avail. Gee, wouldn’t life be easier if there was just an app for that? (Did I just quote Apple there?) Thanks to Google, now there is!

Open Spot is a new application straight out of Google Labs, that allows people to notify the application as they are leaving a spot. Their location is registered using GPS, and uploaded to the map on the application, so that other people know where there is a free spot.

google open spot

Of course in a busy environment, a good spot may not remain free for more than a few minutes, so you also know how long it’s been since the spot was vacated. Simple enough, right?

There’s a fundamental problem here, though. Why would people take the time to notify the service that they’re leaving their spot? Judging from the screen shot we’re given, ‘karma points’ are on offer every time you let the world know that there is now an open spot.

Will it take off? I sure hope so, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this one; only time will tell! You can download the application for Android from Google Labs right now.

Via Google