This morning, AT&T announced that the Samsung Captivate (aka Galaxy S i9000) would go on sale July 18th at a new contract or upgrade price of $199. The Galaxy S will be a watershed in AT&T’s release history: Captivate will be the first high-end Android device to reach an AT&T store and sit side by side with (or perhaps in an unlit corner far away from) the iPhone 4.


There does not appear to be a pre-order option, so you anxious AT&T users will likely have to get to your local AT&T store July 18th to pick up your device if you want it on release day. How many units Samsung will be able to provide on initial release will be a major factor in the device’s success with AT&T; fickle customers are likely to seriously consider an iPhone 4 if the Captivate is not adequately supplied.

The blade is, of course, double-edged in this regard. Many AT&T stores periodically sell out of iPhones, and Samsung may be hoping to cash in on impatient customers waiting to get their smartphone fix. More details as they unfold.

Planning on buying a Captivate? Think it will be a flop? Let us know below.

Credit: Engadget Mobile