This morning, Borders’ website was updated with new instructions for obtaining the Borders eBooks reader app for Android, in conjunction with its launch of the Borders eBooks store.


The app (as stated above) will only work on Android 2.0+ devices. Once you create a Borders eBooks account (which can be done entirely through the app), you can purchase eBooks in-app (uh-oh Kindle for Android) and read them straight away! We’ve provided a couple of screens below.

snap20100707_055315 snap20100707_055320

It is worth noting that the app is still powered by Kobo’s eReader software, and sports a UI that is almost exactly the same as Kobo. So if you’re a fan of Kobo but like the additional functionality of Borders’ app (read further), this will probably be the eBook-purchasing app of choice. Borders eBooks has also released apps for Windows, OS X, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

The difference between Kobo and Borders eBooks? Borders eBooks exclusively accesses the Borders selection of eBooks and provides the ability to purchase eBooks straight through, much like Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore. From there, you can choose to read your book in-browser, and have the traditional Kobo options of downloading an ePub or PDF edition. Additionally, purchasing eBooks through allows you to use Borders gift cards, Borders discount codes, and Borders Bucks (the latter two are not possible on all eBook purchases).

The race to have the killer eBook reader app for Android sure seem to be heating up lately.

Credit: PhoneScoop