Update schedules are rarely a final thing, and users can get quite angry when they don’t receive updates according to schedule. However, HTC may have finally given themselves a schedule that they can adhere to: all of their recently released phones will be updated to Android 2.2 “before Christmas.” They had previously announced that ‘several’ models would receive the update in Q3 2010, so it’s unclear if this announcement means that timetable has shifted.

While rumors say that the HTC Desire could receive the update in August, other HTC phones might not be updated for several months. HTC’s higher-end devices, such as the Droid Incredible and EVO, will likely be updated fairly quickly. However, users of lower-end devices like the Legend and Wildfire may have to wait even longer. And, if Gingerbread is released later this year like predicted, these handsets may still be waiting for Froyo when Gingerbread is available.

Source: Pocket Lint

Via: Unwired View